Відеоконференція "Довіра у суспільстві"

"Before the technical difficulties started, students from all schools were able to speak about what they like about their communities and what they might want to change about their communities.  Students in India spoke about festivals that they enjoy, students in Jordan spoke about how everyone respects each other, and students in Ukraine spoke about the natural beauty of their community and also about their famous hospitality.

 We also heard from students at each school about where they get their values from. Students from India spoke about their values as coming from their natural surroundings and also from their parents. Some students also spoke about religion as helping them to develop values of charity and compassion. Students in Ukraine also spoke about the influence of their parents, also spoke about how they pick up values from famous people that they read about. Unfortunately, the students from Jordan were unable to re-join us from this point, and additional technical difficulties made further dialogue impossible..."

3 березня 2016 р. відбулась мультимедійна відеоконференція на тему: "Довіра у суспільстві".